Aug 01, 2017


Not only did we break our goal of raising $50,000 for the first filing but we out-raised my opponent by almost $17,000! I’m proud to say that we did it with the support of 197 individual supporters - contrasted to his 15 individual donors.  (78% of his money came from corporations and businesses.)  This was not an easy feat for us.  Incumbents usually have the upper hand when it comes to fundraising - it is difficult to convince donors to invest in a new candidate.  We must be doing something right, though, because people are excited to invest in me and in the financial stability of Dutchess County.  They understand that qualifications matter and that political independence from the government you are supposed to be watching is paramount.

Our campaign has been talking to voters, hosting events, raising money, and planning our strategy non-stop, because that is how I work.   I focus on getting the job done while my opponent is playing games - and Dutchess county is starting to notice.  That is also why I received the endorsement of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, a group of men and women who understand what hard work means. 

This race is not a political game to me.  It is about getting real oversight back in this county so that the taxpayers can have confidence in the stability of our future.  When the hard earned tax dollars of our families and the futures of our children are at stake, you can bet I won’t take this job lightly. 

That is why I’m running. I know that this campaign is going to be hard, and that our opponents will stop at nothing to slander my experience. I won’t take it sitting down, and you can be sure that I will do everything I can to win this election, just like I will do everything I can to keep our county’s tax dollars safe from waste and abuse. 

So, as we celebrate this small first victory, know that we are just beginning. As an auditor, business owner, and accountant for the past thirty years I’ve learned that you don’t get to skip the hard work and you don’t get to skip the long hours – we’re in this campaign to win it, and that’s exactly what I am going to do. 


CONTACT: Ernest S. Klepeis, Campaign Manager

PHONE: 845-616-5147

EMAIL: ernest@robinlois.com

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