Robin's Results

“When I asked for your vote to be Comptroller in 2017 I promised oversight, transparency and accountability…..and that is exactly what I have delivered over my first term as Dutchess County Comptroller.” ~ Robin Lois

Robin has strengthened the oversight of every dollar spent to ensure your tax dollars are always protected.  Every payment is scrutinized by the Comptroller’s Office to validate it is appropriate against purchase orders, invoices, contracts, resolutions, and the approved county budget. All county and procurement policy is enforced on the front line of the comptroller’s office.  There is no more “rubber stamp”

Robin increased transparency by creating a “Taxpayer Checkbook” on the Comptroller’s website and by providing increased communication through periodic reports and updates.

Robin has conducted 22 comprehensive audit reports in her first three years with a focus on capital project spending and accountability.

Robin has strived to be a resource and a partner with departments and the administration with a goal of streamlining processes and providing cost savings. 

Here are the “receipts” 

  • Robin created and enforced the new Dutchess County Gift Card Policy.
  • Robin was instrumental in getting board terms in Industrial Development Agency & Local Development Corp. as a result of her audit reporting. 
  • She changed our Indirect Cost Allocation Plan (ICAP) vendor,  lowering the consulting cost as well as increasing the total claimable revenue to the County.
  • Helped bring accountability and cost cutting recommendations to the Dutchess County Community College which was desperately in need of balanced expenses due to their lowered revenue (lower enrollment).
  • Through her in-depth and thorough audit reports she has educated the legislature and the public on important issues and processes within the county government.
  • Robin has brought light to the administration regarding the internal weaknesses and management deficiencies within the Office for the Aging so that they could get the resources and corrections they needed.
  • She hosted educational seminars for our not-for-profit and municipal partners (conducted by the Office of the New York State Comptroller) to help ensure the success and sustainability of these important agencies to our community.
  • She has done internal department training on year end close and encumbrance procedures.
  • Robin has addressed constituent concerns and responded timely and appropriately.
  • She has increased scrutiny and oversight of draft resolutions to ensure accuracy prior to presentation to the Legislature.
  • Robin has provided transparency specifically through two detailed audit reports related to construction projects – 230 North Road and 45 Market Street – exposing significant scope increases after initial approval by the legislature which resulted in a much higher cost to taxpayers than initially anticipated.

Robin will continue to:

  • Provide diligent oversight of the Justice & Transition Center (Jail) & Law Enforcement Center (Sheriff’s office) $192 million capital project(s).
  • Monitor and audit spending of the $56M being received by the county in American Rescue Plan.
  • Improve and modernize internal processes including assisting in the implementation of a more efficient time and attendance payroll system.
  • Report to you, the residents of Dutchess County, as your independent eyes and voice to ensure there are always the checks and balances in place to protect your tax dollars.

Audits Completed 2018-2020:

  • Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center – Financial Update Report
  • Dutchess County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Dutchess County Jail’s Inmate and Commissary Accounts
  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plan-2017 A-87 Summary
  • Dutchess County Local Development Corp 
  • Dutchess County Industrial Development Agency
  • Reconstruction and Expansion of 230 North Road -Capital Project Audit
  • Maintenance in Lieu of Rent 2018 – Special Report
  • Hudson Valley Regional Airport
  • Dutchess Community College
  • Project M.O.R.E., Inc. – Contract Agency Audit
  • Office for the Aging – Departmental Audit
  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plan 2018
  • Dutchess County Public Defender – Departmental Audit
  • Maintenance in Lieu of Rent 2019
  • Reconstruction of 45 Market Street – Capital Project Audit
  • Accounting of Early Voting Costs & Implementation – Special BOE report
  • Dutchess County Justice & Transition Center – Capital project audit
  • Utility & Telecommunications Forensic Audit Results – Special Report
  • Maintenance in Lieu of Rent 2020
  • Dutchess County Indirect Cost Allocation Plan 2019
  • Dutchess Stadium Audit focusing on Capital Improvements of 2019
  • Hudson River Housing, Inc. – Contract Agency audit report